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Gardena Garden Planner. Gardena Garden Planner is probably the best free landscape design software for Mac with a surprisingly slick and well designed interface. It looks good, it’s easy to use with lots of useful tips and there are some useful standard templates to get you up and running. Create a Garden as Unique as You Are. Draw out your vegetable beds, add plants and move them around to get the perfect layout. Whether you use traditional row planting, containers, raised beds or Square Foot Gardening the Garden Planner adapts to suit your gardening style. Learn more Start Garden Planner Subscribe Free Trial. HOW TO USE PLANGARDEN TOURS - Flash movies (similar to Quick Tour) to help you learn to use Plangarden vegetable garden software: Quick Tour (5 minutes) Demos major features Multiple Gardens (3 minutes) Managing multiple plots and garden areas. Garden Planner is a home improvement shareware for Windows, developed by Artifact Interactive. Garden Planner provides a quick plotting solution for planning and arranging your garden with just a few clicks. It features an easy to use plotting interface and wide-range of generic plant shapes and tools for paving, fences and paths.

1. Garden Planner

Features and functions:

· Garden Planner is amazing free garden design software for Mac which has an easy to use and simple interface. It is free of cost and one of the best available.

· This program is ideal for even novices who have no previous knowledge of such softwares and works well also for professionals.

· It offers a lot of plants which can help you beautify your garden. Infact you can also create custom plants for your convenience.

Pros of Garden Planner

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· One of the highlight features of this program is that it offers a huge collection of plants and trees for the most realistic effect.

· Another positive of this tool is that it also provides details of objects and plants, making the experience good for you. The details help you to pick plants you would like to pick.

· Another good thing about this program is that it works well for beginners and learners.

Cons of Garden Planner

· This free garden design software for Mac may prove not very useful for most people, inspite of its good features.

· Another negative associated with Garden Planner is that it doesn’t allow to place buildings or define dimensions to an area.

· Another thing which doesn’t work about this platform is that it becomes very difficult to use this program as it is slightly complex.

User comments/reviews:

1. This is a fine program for home users who want to fiddle around with landscaping ideas for their yards.

2. This program was developed in Australia and assumes garden styles and plant species that are typical of that climate.

3. It's simple. Some things, like distance computation, are handy, but they are far overshadowed by the negatives. Fortunately the lesson on poor design software didn't cost much.

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Quickly design your ideal garden using this planning tool

If you have a garden which needs a makeover, one solution would be to hire a professional designer to take a look, spend some time coming up with a solution, source all the components and hire people to make the design a reality. Either way, depending on the size of your garden and requirements, it's an expensive process.

One alternative is a tool such as Garden Planner. The Planner enables you to select the size and dimension of your (potential) garden, then sit down and configure as required. Of course, as it's all on the computer, you can easily move flowers, change the layout until you are happy.

Garden Planner includes thousands of pre-designed flowers, shrubs, vegetables and fruit components which you can drop into your design. You can add a pathway, drive, ornaments, a shed and even a pool. You can even drop in a huge water fountain as your centrepiece and then design your garden off the back of this.

Of course, Garden Planner isn't limited to novices wanting to save some money. If you're a horticulturist or botanist, you can use the tool to design for your clients. Even professional landscape designers could potentially use Garden Planner to design for their clients. The only issue might be when you print the computer-generated design for the client and they were expecting a design by hand, on paper. But, you could use Garden Planner to at least put your ideas on screen, before turning the final design in to a sketch you present to your clients.

Excellent design tool, suitable for novice garden designers and professionals who want to experiment with various layouts for their clients.

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Garden Planner Software Free Download Mac Software


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