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Bulk Image Resizer Software – Achieve image effects and compactness using technology
With technological innovations compact and precise images are order of the day. With digital technology though we are able to get quality images one need to compress them to share across various medium.

  1. Image resizer free download - Light Image Resizer, Advanced Image Resizer 2007, Image ReSizer, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. Fast Image Resizer. Free Fast Image Resizer. Resize and copy information of your photos.
  2. Free download Image-Resizer Image-Resizer for Mac OS X. Image-Resizer - First of all, you can drag and drop or open an image file to the app.

Image resizer free download - Batch Image Resizer, Fast Image Resizer, Rasco Image Resizer, and many more programs. MediaRecover Image Recovery Mac. Recover lost, deleted, or corrupt images. Apr 17, 2012  As its title suggests, Fast Image Resizer is an application that you can use to quickly batch-resize images. The interface of the program consists of a very small window in which you can resize.


For this purpose image resizing software comes to the rescue. To find this software one can search Google using “bulk image resizer software free download” or “jpg image resize software free download” and download them.

1. Fotosizer

Fotoisizer is batch image resize tool. It comes with free trial version and its main features are:

  • It allows choosing to resize by percentage of width and height
  • It allows setting custom width and height
  • It maintains aspect ratio
  • It allows choosing resized image destination
  • It allows resizing portrait and landscape photos at the same time

2. Bulk Image Resize Manager

This is simple tool to resize image files in bulk. It comes with a trial version and its main features are:

  • It allows reducing the image size by 10 times without any distortion
  • It is easy to operate by just setting the scale dimensions will do resizing
  • It allows renaming destination file by grouping a particular set of image sizes

3. Bulk Resize Photos

This simple to use image resizing tool does not require download. It is a freeware and its main features are:

  • It works very fast and resizes 150 images in a minute
  • It does not require uploading to any server to do the job
  • It works offline after one’s first visit

4. PIXresizer

This photo resizing program is a freeware and its main features are:

  • It has simple four-step workflow and saves resized files in a separate folder
  • It has facility to convert between different graphic formats
  • It allows creating thumbnails
  • It has facility to rotate images and convert to grayscale
  • It allows retaining original EXIF information on resizing

5. adionSoft Fast Image Resizer

This free image resizing tool works with windows platform. Its main features are:

  • It resizes bulk images very quickly and with high quality
  • It creates thumbnails for website images
  • It creates resized images in a new folder
  • It allows configuring resize algorithm and JPEG quality
  • It can retain EXIF information

6. Image Resizer

This is bulk image resizing tool that comes as freeware. Its main features are:

  • It is very easy to use
  • It can enlarge or shrink the selected images
  • It allows dragging and dropping images to resize them
  • It supports many graphic formats
  • It allows saving configurations
  • It allows distinguishing between portrait and landscape images

7. PC Image Editor

This image resizing tool has some advanced features. It is a freeware and its main feature is:

  • It supports 11 image formats
  • It allows aligning and straightening of images
  • It allows adjusting image colors
  • It has ability to increase or decrease image dimension with many pre-defined sizes
  • It also allows customizing image dimensions

Fast Image Resizer Free Download

8. Light Image Resizer

This is freeware image resizing tool and its main features are:

  • It allows resizing pictures, photos and images with ease
  • It works very fast for bulk resizing of images
  • It allows adding watermark
  • It allows choosing specific destination to store resized images
  • It allows previewing to have a look at the output

9. High Quality Photo Resizer

This is easy-to-use free image resizing software. Its main features are:

  • It allows sharing the resized images on the internet to share with friends
  • It supports multiple image formats for both input and output
  • It enables adding up to 37 effects
  • It allows rotating pictures 90 degrees right or left

Advantages of using image resizing software

Image resizing software helps one to decrease or increase the image dimension and more importantly it does not distort the image quality on resizing. This software has options to cropping, blurring which enable to improve the quality of images to great extent. It also has image rotate option. By resizing the images one can send them through email or mobile phones quite easily.

The contrast and brightness effects are allowed to change while resizing which makes them to view with better effects. The software allows changing black and white photos to color and vice versa. There are built-in settings to resize the images to the best fit which makes things easier. By reducing the image size and image format one can save a lot of image disk space and this helps to transfer them quickly through online options like email or mobile devices.

Insights into varieties of image resizing software

To find image resizing software for windows platform one can search Google using “bulk image resizer windows”, “bulk image resizer windows 7” or “bulk image resizer windows 8”. To find image resizing software for Macintosh one can search Google using “bulk image resizer mac”. There are tools available for one to perform image resizing online without worrying about downloading and installing the software. One can search Google using “bulk image resizer online” and find such tools. The image resizing manager tools helps one to perform multiple tasks like resizing, rename and change their format. One can find these tools by searching Google using “bulk image resize manager” and utilize them.

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Since most fields today require you to work with images, you would know that all of them usually have specified sizes for the images concerned. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a software that could help you adjust the size of the same image instead of taking the picture over and over again? Your prayers have been answered since you can now use image resizer software to reduce or compress your images.

Best Free Jpeg Resizer Download


Image Resizer

Image resizer is a simple yet sophisticated software application. Once you download the image resizer software, you would be able to start operating it. You can upload your image in the space provided and then mention the size you want. Based on that, the software would adjust the size.

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Adion Soft

Fast Image Resizer Free Download Mac Download

This is one of the most reliable and undoubtedly one of the best image resizer software in the market. It allows you to resize your images with utmost ease and can help you get the images of the desired size. All you have to do is specify the size in the space provided on the software and hit enter.

Pix Resizer

As the name suggests, the software application has been specially developed to resize your images for you. You can also resize a large number of images at one go. That would certainly reduce your work load and you’ll be able to complete your work efficiently. Also, you can compress the images here.


This is another picture editing software that is hugely popular. This software allows you to experiment with your images in any way you want and even reduce or compress the images. You can bring down the size, enhance the quality, compress the images and also make edits to them if necessary.

Icecream Image Resizer

STOIK Smart Resizer

Image Resizer Software for Various Platforms

While most of the image resizer software applications that you see today are compatible with all platforms, some of them are specifically designed for separate operating systems. For example, the software applications that have been developed for Android wouldn’t go with a Windows platform and so on.

Free Image Resizer Software for Mac – iResize

This is one of the most popular free image resizer software applications on Mac. As the name suggests, this software is more suited to Apple devices and has been developed to specially cater to the needs of these devices. Perfectly compatible with Mac storage, you wouldn’t have any issues while trying to save the image you’ve resized.

When it comes to Mac, the image quality of the camera is highly appreciated. However, you might still have to resize the images in order to make them fit. To do that, you could use this image resizer software developed specially for Mac, iResize. This app allows you to resize the images by entering the desired size.

Free Image Resizer Software for Android – Pic Resize

The best part about this image resizer software is that it allows you to deal with a number of images at once. That means you would be able to upload a large number of images and reduce them or adjust their size at one go. All you have to do is upload the images and mention the size you want them reduced to.

When it comes to Android, there are plenty of applications which allow you to make the most of the image editing software. For example, you could always use the application called Pic Resize where you can resize your images. All you have to do is download the software and then upload your image onto it.

Free Image Resizer Software for Windows – Obvious Idea

This particular image resizer software is essentially used by Windows users. Although this is mainly a Windows software, this application has other versions which can be used for other platforms. The software would allow you to upload your images and then bring them down to the desired size.

Windows being one of the most popular platforms that are used by people globally, most of the image resizer software that you see now are compatible with it. Obvious Idea is one such Windows software application that would allow you to resize your images. You can upload your images there and start resizing them.

Most Image Resizer Software in 2016 – Image Resizer

At present, Image Resizer is one of the few image resizer software that allow you to experiment with your images. Also, this software application is perfectly safe and has been tested countless times. So you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety aspect. You can reduce, resize and compress your images with this software.

If you want a recommendation for the best and most popular image resizer software in 2016, we would suggest Image Resizer. This application is simple yet sophisticated and has a clean and smart interface. You can upload the images with ease to resize them, and even deal with multiple images at once.

Fast Image Resizer For Windows

What is Image Resizer Software?

If you deal with images on a regular basis, you would be knowing that all images have a specified size. It could be in terms of pixels or width and height. Now each platform that you use the image on would have a specific requirement for size. Naturally, if you want to use the same image more than once, you must get your hands on an image resizer software that would allow you to resize your images.

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Best Free Photo Resizer Software

You can change the size of the images every time you use it. That would help you adjust the size of your images. All you have to do is get a reliable software and enter the desired size. For example, if you need a 3.5 X 4.5 image, you have to enter the dimensions there.

How to Install Image Resizer Software?

The most important thing that you must keep in mind while downloading image resizer software is the reliability of the software. The software you pick should be from a trusted website. Do not jump to conclusions based on appearance and make sure you carry out thorough research before actually downloading it. The software mentioned above are reliable ones.

Benefits of Image Resizer Software

Resizing of an image has a number of benefits. For example, images that are too large would be occupying huge amounts of space on your device. If your system gets clogged due to such images, it would result in your system slowing down and crashing. Instead, you can simply download this software and use it to compress your images. That would save you a lot of precious space.

Moreover, if you’re trying to upload images onto different platforms like social media, you will have to follow the image size requirements that are mentioned there. In such situations, you could reduce the size of your images and happily upload as many images as you want on to your Facebook account.

Image resizer software is one of the most popular and frequently used software applications in the twenty-first century. You can resize images, reduce the size, adjust the pixel size and also compress them. All this, with only one click. With the help of such image resizer software, you would get images of your desired size.

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